Secrets of ancient China : five thousands years of secrets of the sons of heaven

Ancient China was a land of politics and intrigue, of fabulous wealth, and lavish lifestyles. The Great Wall of China, the terracotta warriors, The Forbidden City - all colossal monuments to Emperors whose vanity, fear, and power drove them to create some of the world's greatest structures, des...

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Format: Book
Published: Beyond Productions, 2006.
Table of Contents:
  • 1. Introduction.
  • 2. Old and new.
  • 3. Great Wall of China.
  • 4. Shaolin temple.
  • 5. Terricota Warriors.
  • 6. Forbidden City.
  • 7. Summer palace.
  • 8. Cricket fighting.
  • 9. Acrobats.
  • 10 Temple of heaven.