Gavin Young

Gavin David Young (24 April 1928 – 18 January 2001) was a journalist and travel writer.

He was born in Bude, Cornwall, England. His father, Gavin Young, was a lieutenant colonel in the Welsh Guards. Daphne, his mother, was the daughter of Sir Charles Leolin Forestier-Walker, Bt, of Monmouthshire. Young spent most of his youth in Cornwall and South Wales. He graduated from Oxford University, where he studied modern history.

Young spent two years with the Ralli Brothers shipping company in Basra in Iraq before living with the Marsh Arabs of southern Iraq between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. He fashioned his experiences into a book, ''Return to the Marshes'' (1977). In 1960, from Tunis, he joined ''The Observer'' of London as a foreign correspondent, and was the ''Observer'''s correspondent in Paris and New York. He had covered fifteen wars and revolutions throughout the world, and worked for ''The Guardian'' and was a travel writer. Young died in London on 18 January 2001; he was 72 years old. Provided by Wikipedia