J. Randy Taraborrelli

John Randall Anthony Taraborrelli is an American journalist and biographer. Taraborrelli is known for biographies of contemporary entertainers and political figures such as Diana Ross, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Madonna, the Kennedy family, the Hilton family, and Beyoncé. He also regularly appears on television as an entertainment news reporter on programs such as ''Entertainment Tonight'', ''Good Morning America'', ''Today'' and ''CBS This Morning''. Taraborrelli resides in Los Angeles, California.

''The New York Times'' called ''Jackie, Janet & Lee'' "deliciously readable". ''The Observer'' reviewed ''Diana Ross – A Biography'' as "fawning" and while acknowledging the comprehensiveness of the book, regretted that the writer held back unfavorable information about the subject because he was a fan. It said ''The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe'' was written by "an indefatigable gossip hound" and criticized his vocabulary. The ''Gay & Lesbian Review'' said that ''Michael Jackson – The Magic, the Madness, the Whole Story'' was a "comprehensive and even-handed biography". Provided by Wikipedia
by Taraborrelli, J. Randy
Published 2006
by Taraborrelli, J. Randy.
Published 1989
by Taraborrelli, J. Randy
Published 2007