Piara Singh Bhaniara

Piara Singh Bhaniara (born 23 August 1958), also known as Baba Bhaniara (or Bhaniarawala), is a Dalit religious leader from Punjab, India. He established a breakaway Sikh sect in the 1980s, which was opposed by orthodox Sikhs as insulting to their faith. In 2001, his followers published their own holy text ''Bhavsagar Granth'', and allegedly insulted the Sikh holy book ''Guru Granth Sahib''. This sparked violence against Bhaniara's followers. The Punjab government banned ''Bhavsagar Granth'', and arrested and jailed Bhaniara. Provided by Wikipedia
by Singh, Piara
Published 2009
by Goh, Cheng Leong.
Published 1988
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