James Power

James Power may refer to:

* James Power, the 1791 Irish founder of the Powers whiskey brand * James Power (ice hockey) (1884–1920), Canadian ice hockey player * James Power (planter) (1790–1870), namesake for Powers Ferry vicinity, north of Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. * James Power (politician) (c. 1796–1847), of Newfoundland, Canada * James Augustine Power (1903–1975), Canadian member of Parliament (1953–1957) * J.D. Power III (James David Power III, 1931), American marketer * James Power (comics), a fictional character in Marvel comics * James Power (empresario) (1788/89–1852), Irish-born Texan empresario and politician * Sir James Power, 2nd Baronet (1800–1877), Irish politician, barrister, and Governor of the Bank of Ireland Provided by Wikipedia
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