George Peck

George Peck may refer to:

*George H. Peck (1856–1940), California real estate developer *George Peck, co-founder of Peck & Peck, a former New York-based retailer of private label women's wear prominent on Fifth Avenue *George Washington Peck (1818–1905), U.S. Representative from Michigan. *George Wilbur Peck (1840–1916), author, mayor of Milwaukee, governor of Wisconsin *George Peck (clergyman) (1797–1876), clergyman, author, editor of the Methodist Episcopal Church *George Peck (Ontario politician) (1917–1993), Ontario provincial MPP *George Peck (theatre), principal founder of The Oxford School of Drama *George Peck (artist) (born 1941), Hungarian visual artist Provided by Wikipedia
by Peck, George
Published 2003