James Robert Parish

James Robert Parish (born 1941) is an American author, entertainment historian, and biographer. He also is a former entertainment reporter (for ''Variety''), former book editor, former publicist and former lawyer (in New York).

He is the author of more than 100 books including biographies, histories and reference works, and is known for his knowledge of Hollywood legend and lore, fact, and anecdote. He is also claimed to have developed the genre of Hollywood nostalgia. Some of his notable books include ''Fiasco: A history of Hollywood's iconic flops'', ''The Hollywood Book of Death'', ''The Hollywood Book of Breakups'', ''The Hollywood Book of Extravaganza'', and ''It's Good to Be the King''.

As a consultant for TV documentaries and biographies, he has appeared frequently on national news shows and specials dealing with the performing arts. Some of his notable appearances include ''Dateline NBC'', ''A&E Biography'', E!'s ''Mysteries and Scandals'' and ''E! True Hollywood Story'', Court TV's ''Hollywood Justice'', Fox News Channel's ''Rita Cosby Show'' and American Broadcasting Company's ''Cops on the Screen''. He also worked for specials and series episodes produced by England's BBC, Granada TV, and Channel 4. He lives in Studio City, California. Provided by Wikipedia
by Parish, James Robert
Published 2004
by Parish, James Robert
Published 2004
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