Pappas or Papas (, ) is a Greek surname, which means "priest" (occupational surname). In the United States, it is often a shortened form of a longer surname like ''Papadopoulos'' or ''Papageorgiou''. The genitive form, Pappa or Papa (, ), is used by women. Notable individuals with this surname include:

*Alexi Pappas (born 1990), Greek American long-distance runner *Alexis Pappas (1915–2010), Norwegian chemist *Arthur Pappas, Australian rugby player *Athena Papas, American dental science scholar *Charilaos Pappas (born 1983), Greek soccer player *Charles Herach Papas (1918–2007), American applied physicist and electrical engineer *Chris Pappas (politician), U.S. Representative *Christopher Pappas, a South African politician and member of the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature *DeAnna Pappas (born 1981), American TV Personality *Diane Pappas, (born 1971) Democratic member of the Illinois House of Representatives *Doug Pappas (1962–2004), American baseball expert *Emmanouel Pappas (1772–1821), leader in the Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire *Erik Pappas (born 1966), American baseball player *George Pappas (born 1942), American epistemologist and professor of philosophy *George Pappas (bowler) (born March 3, 1947), American professional bowler *Gregory Fernando Pappas (born 1960), American philosopher *Irene Papas (born 1926), Greek actress *Jared Pappas-Kelley, American filmmaker and publisher *Leonidas Pappas (born 1967), Greek wrestler *Manolis Pappas (born 1951), Greek soccer player *Michael Papas, Greek-Cypriot independent filmmaker *Michael James Pappas (born 1960), American politician from New Jersey *Milt Pappas (1939–2016), American baseball player *Natalia Pappas, Scientist, Psychologist *Nick Pappas, Australian solicitor (lawyer) active in the South Sydney Rabbitohs Rugby League *Nikolaos Pappas (1930–2013), Greek admiral *Nikos Pappas (basketball) (born 1990), Greek basketball player *Nikos Pappas (politician), Greek politician and the current Minister of State. *Robin Pappas, American actress *Sophocles Papas (1893 or 1894–1986), Greek classical guitar pedagogue and music publisher. *Tas Pappas (born 1975), Australian skateboarder *Tasos Pappas (born 1984), Greek soccer player *Theodore Pappas, executive editor of the ''Encyclopædia Britannica'' *Thomas Pappas (born 1959), United States Army officer involved in the Abu Ghraib scandal *Tom Pappas (born 1976), American track and field decathlete *William "Bill" Papas (1927–2000), South African political cartoonist and caricaturist Provided by Wikipedia
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