Anthony Lamb

Datuk Anthony L. Lamb M.A., Dip. Ag., D.T.A., P.G.D.K. (born 1941) is a British botanist, born in Sri Lanka (then British Ceylon) and specialising in the flora of Borneo. Lamb was educated at Blundell's School in Tiverton and at St John's College at Cambridge. Lamb arrived in Sabah, Borneo, in 1962 and started work on developing agricultural settlement schemes around Tawau.

In 1981, Anthony Lamb set up the Tenom Orchid Centre as a Sabah State Government conservation project. He is co-author of ''Rhododendrons of Sabah'' (1988) and ''Pitcher-Plants of Borneo'' (1996), and a coordinator and a co-author of the ''Orchids of Borneo'' series.

In 2015, Lamb was awarded a P.G.D.K. (Panglima Gemilang Darjah Kinabalu, in English: Commander of the Order of Kinabalu) by the Governor of Sabah, which carries the Title of Datuk.

Lamb described his life's work in an interview with Nicki Grihault, published in ''The Daily Telegraph'' on 2 August 2004.

Lamb is married to Datin Anthea Phillipps, and has two children.

Anthony Lamb has also authored several volumes relating to the Native Orchids of Kinabalu. A Dendrobium from the vicinity of Kipandi Butterfly Farm has been named in his honour, ''Dendrobium Lambii''. It was described in 2016. The New Zealand Native Group has recognised the work he has done over the years in 2016 for the ''Orchids of Borneo''.

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