Albert Jack

Albert Jack in Bangkok Albert Jack is an English writer and historian. His books cover a range of subjects, including history, politics, war, etymology, food history, nursery rhymes, pub names, inventions, mysteries and urban legends. They have become bestsellers in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Great Britain and Europe and have been translated into many languages.

In 2004, his third book, ''Red Herrings and White Elephants'', became a bestseller. The book was serialized by ''The Sunday Times'' and the ''Daily Mirror'' and remained on the Sunday Times Bestseller List for two years.

In 2005, Jack signed what would become a six-year contract with Pearson (Penguin) to write a series of follow-up titles. ''Pop Goes the Weasel'', his study of the dark history of children's nursery rhymes, also became a worldwide bestseller in 2008 and ''What Caesar did for My Salad'' followed suit in 2010. Provided by Wikipedia
by Jack, Albert
Published 2011
by Jack, Albert
Published 2004