Ibn Battuta

Book illustration by [[Léon Benett]] published in 1878 showing Ibn Baṭṭūṭah (right) and his guide in Egypt Ibn Battuta (; ; fully: ; Arabic: ; 24 February 13041368 or 1369) was a Muslim Berber Moroccan scholar, and explorer who widely travelled the medieval world. Over a period of thirty years, Ibn Battuta visited most of the Islamic world and many non-Muslim lands, including Central Asia, Southeast Asia, India and China. Near the end of his life, he dictated an account of his journeys, titled ''A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Traveling''. He travelled more than any other explorer in distance, totaling around 117,000 km, surpassing Zheng He with about 50,000 km and Marco Polo with 12,000 km. Provided by Wikipedia
by Ibn Batuta, 1304-1377
Published 2012
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