Rob Hume

'''Robert 'Rob' Hume''' is an English ornithologist, author and journalist specialising in avian and natural history subjects. From Spring 1989 (vol. 12 no. 5), until Summer 2009 (vol. 22 no. 6), he was editor of the RSPB's ''Birds'' magazine, having previously edited the young people's version, ''Bird Life'', and been librarian at the RSPB's headquarters, The Lodge.

Hume did his early birdwatching at Chasewater, Staffordshire, and was a member of the West Midland Bird Club. He spent several years studying at Swansea University, during which time he birdwatched regularly at Blackpill and on the Gower Peninsula.

He is a past member (and the fifth chairman) of the British Birds Rarities Committee; and a past member of the editorial board of'' British Birds'' magazine, but resigned both posts in 1997. His autobiography, ''Life With Birds'', was published in September 2005.

His drawings of birds often appear in, and on the cover of, West Midland Bird Club Bulletins. Provided by Wikipedia
by Hume, Rob
Published 2003