Margaret Heffernan

Margaret Heffernan in November 2011 Margaret Heffernan (born 1955) is an entrepreneur, CEO, writer and keynote speaker. She is currently a part time lecturer at the School of Management of the University of Bath.

Heffernan is the former CEO of five businesses, and is the writer of five books, largely exploring business and effective leadership. She teaches entrepreneurship, mentors executives as part of a leadership development company, speaks to corporations, associations and universities about topics such as continuous innovation and the role of leaders in serving the talent they hire.

While Heffernan’s first two books focused on these issues as they impact women in the workplace, her overarching theme has been the need to recognize and release the talent that often lies buried inside organizations, under-valued and under-rewarded because it is unconventional. Heffernan’s voice is primarily one of critical challenge, taking little at face value and regularly questioning received wisdom. Provided by Wikipedia
by Heffernan, Margaret
Published 2011
by Heffernan, Margaret
Published 2003