Joe Gores

Joseph Nicholas "Joe" Gores (December 25, 1931 - January 10, 2011) was an American mystery writer. He was known best for his novels and short stories set in San Francisco and featuring the fictional "Dan Kearney and Associates" (the "DKA Files") private investigation firm specializing in repossessing cars, a thinly veiled escalation of his own experiences as a confidential sleuth and repo man. Gores was also recognized for his novels ''Hammett'' (1975; made into the 1982 film ''Hammett''), ''Spade & Archer'' (the 2009 prequel to Dashiell Hammett's ''The Maltese Falcon'') and his Edgar Award-winning or -nominated works, such as ''A Time of Predators'', ''32 Cadillacs'' and ''Come Morning''. Provided by Wikipedia
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