David Freeman

David Freeman may refer to:

*David Freeman (music historian) (born 1939), collector, historian, and authority on old-time and bluegrass music *David Freeman (musician) (born 1957), member of The Flys and The Lover Speaks *David G. Freeman (1920–2001), badminton player *S. David Freeman (born 1926), American engineer, attorney, and author *David Freeman (footballer) (born 1979), Irish footballer *David Scott Freeman, main character in 1986 film ''Flight of the Navigator'' *David Freeman-Mitford, 2nd Baron Redesdale (1878–1958), English landowner and father of the Mitford sisters *David Freeman (athlete) (born 1982), Puerto Rican middle distance runner *David Freeman (screenwriter) (born 1926), American screenwriter *David Freeman (solicitor) (1928–2015), British solicitor *Dave Freeman (British writer) (1922–2005), British comedy writer *Dave Freeman (American author) (1961–2008), American advertising executive and co-author of ''100 Things to Do Before You Die'' *David Freeman (business owner) (born 1984), Australian business owner *David Freeman (journalist) *David Justin Freeman, Christian minister, private educator and conservative political activist Provided by Wikipedia
by Freeman, Dave
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