William Dudley

William Dudley may refer to:

* William Dudley (colonel) (1766–1813), War of 1812 officer in the Kentucky Militia * William Dudley (18th century), a Roxbury, Massachusetts landowner and a namesake of Dudley, Massachusetts * William Dudley (bishop) (died 1483), bishop of Durham * William C. Dudley (born 1952), economist at the New York Federal Reserve * William Harold Dudley (1890–1949), painter * William Lofland Dudley (1859–1914), chemistry professor * William Russel Dudley (1849–1911), botanist * William S. Dudley (born 1936), U.S. naval historian * William Wade Dudley (1842–1909), soldier in the American Civil War, then became a lawyer, a government official and a Republican campaigner * William Dudley (designer) (born 1947), British theatre designer * William Dudley (swimmer) (1931–1978), American swimmer * William Edward Dudley (1868–1938), administrator in the British co-operative movement * Sir William Dudley, 1st Baronet (1597–1670), English politician * Bill Dudley (1921–2010), American football player Provided by Wikipedia
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